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What it means to be truly educated Photo credit: Thinkstock Photo credit: Thinkstock

This past week, we at the International School of Prague once again began the new academic year, welcoming a diverse community of learners from over 60 nationalities. It is especially as the new school year begins that educators reflect on why we do what we do and what we wish for our students. In other words, what does it mean to be truly educated? While a response to this question has been articulated many times before in many ways, I think that the great linguist, philosopher, author of over 100 books and Professor Emeritus at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Noam Chomsky succinctly nails it in this short video. Chomsky reminds us that while knowing and understanding are important, a truly meaningful education requires that we have the ability “to know where to look, how to look, how to question, how to challenge, how to proceed independently, to deal with the challenges that the world presents…” His words align well with the ISP Mission Statement.

Noam Chomsky – On Being Truly Educated


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