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Schools of the Past – Schools of the Future

Salman Kahn responding to question on Google Play

  1. Schools of the past

  2. Not based on how humans actually learn

  3. groups of kids in age-based cohorts

  4. Assessment is used as a value judgment on a student’s intelligence

  5. An artifact of Prussian society at the advent of the industrial revolution

  6. Structured toward a manufacturing model

  7. Lack of deep learning

  8. Students take subjects with superficial understanding: algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry etc.

  9. Schools of the future

  10. Self paced, allowing for individual learning paths

  11. Individualized assessments

  12. Free access to on-demand/online tools

  13. True differentiation

  14. 8-5 school day with only 2 hours of core academic “instruction”

  15. No such thing as missing class

  16. If family visits another city or country, student can plug into another school

  17. No longer a “seat based” system

  18. Students will attain mastery at different levels and interests

I was recently invited to join a Google forum for questions and answers with Salman Kahn. Famous for his world-renowned website, Kahn Academy, Salman Kahn has recently authored a new book, The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, which addresses a major question facing educators: How will schools support today’s and tomorrow’s learners in ten, twenty or thirty years?

I had opportunity to pose this question directly to Mr. Kahn during this live online forum. His answers, summarized above, were illuminating and thought-provoking, and point the way towards how schools of the future may look.

To view the entire forum with Salmon Kahn click here: Google Play presents: Salman Khan of Khan Academy


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