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Making a difference every day! – Dr. Jane Goodall’s Return to Prague

Two years ago, the halls of the International School of Prague were graced by the presence of one of this world’s true heroes, Dr. Jane Goodall. During her visit, Dr. Goodall shared her own personal stories about how she as a little girl was permitted to explore her curiosity which eventually led her to her world renowned scientific discoveries with primates. It was Dr. Goodall who almost single handedly revealed the deep connection between human beings and apes and chimps. (see my blog, The most important message)

Almost every day of the year, the inspirational and indefatigable Dr. Jane travels the world spreading her message of peace, conservation and animal rights to one and all, not because she is found of globe trotting, but because she feels compelled to remind us of our responsibility to our planet and to each other. Last night during a return two-day visit to Prague, I had a chance to spend an evening with Dr. Jane during which we discussed a wide range of topics from politics to spiritualism to the wonders of all the earth’s creatures. She talked about how the intelligence of crows is comparable to chimps and how the octopus could make a home for themselves out of matching shells, one above and one below them to be safe.

The role of children in making a difference in the world is highly important to Dr. Goodall, witness the tens of thousands of children from around the world including students at ISP who participate in the Root & Shoots movement.

Last night, after sharing some stories about ISP’s roots and Shoots students, Dr. Jane made a short video thanking and recognising them for truly making a difference in the world. Thank you Dr. Jane for showing us the way forward and don’t miss her rendition of “thank you” in chimpanzee!


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