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Freaked Out?

As a follow up to the previous LinkedIn discussion concerning Noam Chomsky's article about A.I.'s lack of intelligence in "The False Promise of ChatGPT", I reference some other compelling perspectives on this fast moving topic.

Robert Wright poses a classroom scenario to ChatGPT-4, in which a student is confronted by a teacher's sarcastic comments. Wright starts by asking ChatGPT-4 to discuss how different students might feel in reaction to the teacher's comments, in other words to empathize with the students.The "conversation" with the chatbot is eerie and a bit unsettling in its artificial sensitivity, its "cognitive empathy."

Another astute take on the A.I. tsunami can be found in Ezra Klein's writings and podcasts. In "Freaked Out? We Really Can Prepare for A.I.", he interviews Kelsey Piper, a senior writer at Vox, who has been writing about the A.I. phenomenon for years and has spoken to those experts who have been directly involved in its development.

But if you really want to be "freaked out" check out Robert Wright's audio converted "conversation" with ChatGPT-4 about its take on how congitive empathy. Good luck!


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